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To Touch, Move and Inspire A Billion People.
To Touch, Move and Inspire A Billion People.


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Thanks for making BALA-ABHIVRIDHI a great success
PEOPLE TREE YOGAKSHEMAM along with PEOPLE TREE Hospitals organised a summer vacational retreat for children named ''BALA-ABHIVRIDHI” so called PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT COURSE(PDC). It was first of its kind with multidimentional approach by integrating Medical Doctors, Yoga Consultants and Educational masters to help children in Physical, Mental and Emotional levels.Our course provided all the basic techniques considering skills and intrests of every child by building a different schedule which had Prayers,Sloka Chanting,Yogasanas and Breathing practises, Relaxation techniques, Creativity and Brain gym,Vision therapy ,Yogic games and Mind -Nurturing and Health talks given by professional doctors,.
PDC-2016 had 2 batches from April to May and this was a wonderfull platform to Touch. Move. Inspire 20 kids by making them actively participate. Most importantly we gathered a bunch of memories during the course time and it was treasured during the valedectory function.
We PEOPLE TREE YOGAKSHEMAM thank all the parents for letting their children to participate in BALA-ABHIVRIDHI retreat and we also thankfull to entire PEOPLE TREE FAMILY for their continuous support and encouragement. We hope PDC will help in overall Positive development for children of future India.
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Watch Dr Satish Ramaiah, Mind Care and Sleep Disorder Specialist explaining the reasons behind sleep problems and the importance of knowing it.

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Dr. Chandrasekar Chikkamuniyappa
CEO & Senior Joint Replacement Surgeon People Tree Hospitals - Orthopaedics

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Treating Arthritis with yoga

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At PEOPLE TREE, we are constantly in search – of new ways to treat old ailments. OACON is the result of our endeavour to come up with evidence-based care for osteoarthritis (OA) through an integrated approach.

OACON ‘17 will have evidence-based presentations, debates, panel discussions, treatment guidelines, and hands-on workshops on HTO, unicondylar knee, yoga and physiotherapy. Besides, it will also have breakout sessions on non total knee replacement options as well as complementary and alternative therapy treatment for OA.

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Mrs Sriveena, 28years C/K/O CKD on maintenance Dialysis since a year. Left AV fistula was non-functioning.Right AV fistula had significant back flow and bleed, hence
haemodialysis was difficult.As well had gone low on their economic condition, is when they approached People Tree Foundation. Considering the age as well, a very
good result from the procedure, which will be life altering, People Tree Foundation took up the initiative of supporting Mrs Sriveena's Health condition. She underwent Angiogram on July 4th, revealed Critical occlusion in the Cephalic Vein, which was the outflow vein of AV Fistula. Hence Underwent Angioplasty on July 5th at People Tree hospitals@Chris by Dr Vinod Revenkar.

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Respected Sir/Madam
On occasion of world yoga day... We team of PEOPLE TREE YOGAKSHEMAM celebrating yoga day in a unique form by "celebrating life, celebrating inclusion" with precious people.
Please go through the Video.
Thanking You.
Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
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