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Macy's is bringing its contemporary spring style offerings to flea markets this summer. Are they coming to your town?
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Hi how r u I need small bag from chanel or Dior and shose and party dress can u sending for me photos what I want please please please please I'm very very very very needed ok please and after that I send for u my address ok please please I swear I needed believe me trust me and don't forget sending for me the photos what I want ok please please
Please please please please answer me
And I need 2 shoes one for the summer and one for the winter and I want theme tall very tall and my feet is 37 don't forget please
And I want by Macys artful by the bracelet and the rings. and the necklace and the earring and that's it bout please please please please don't forget me I waiting u to answer me 
Oh hi and I need one shose of chanel sneaker 
Please please please please answer me
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