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A week after crashing her car, Lindsay Lohan is found unconscious at the Ritz-Carlton.
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i am are rater well on the good side lol hehe
hum fico muito foda essa foto * ^_^ *
ass:larissa bergantinny
great job, Lindsay! (says it sarcastically)
wat the hack what else an go wrong ? its like her whole world is messed up!!!!!!like get it right lindsay.i just think shes just caught up in the fame right now thats probably why shes having problems.
She needs to get her act together and pick up her life off the dirty floor 
lindsey needs to get her loife 2gether and do good things. she is just a bad influence to kids and just a complete frakin trainwreck!!!!!
yeah because some kids look up to her but that may not be good anymore
She is a horrible influence to children around the world
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