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Kate Middleton topless: Nude photos of the royal surface, angering the Palace.

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she should not be seen as any different of a person as she is when wearing clothes, this should change nothing on the way people view her, and the pictures are not that bad at all, they just look as though she is enjoying her holiday ... Now having topless photos of the queen, that would be a tad bit disturbing ... . get over it and move on.
I'm confused. Isn't this something they do regularly on the beaches (optional of course). Being in the royal family does put a damper of these kinds of activities, but those kind of photos are probably floating around prior to her getting married.
Human need express emotion.
I still respect Princess Kate and will always have respect for her and I think what that French closer magazine did was wrong and despicable also it doesn't change my views on Princess Kate
I know my bad in saying Princess I meant Duchess however I do this sometimes plus it's been a long day for me at College site anyways as 1st week starting College has been tough as i'm doing Public Services meaning 4 the next week I'm doing multi-off site activities ;)
I think you are talking crap! There is only a slightly  increased risk at 31 if there is a family history of a problem.
I heard on the radio they're taking legal action against this
@David Robertson Okayyyy...... i created a blog ;) had 2 4 my course it's called
leave the girl alone she is human. who hasn't been topless! NO ONE!!!
+Hannah Allbright I agree but is there a need for them to be published?? especially seems as how she's a possible future Queen of England?? I know she's the Duchess of Cambridge but still she could be a future Queen
+Abigail Butterfield there is no reson someone needs to publish a women topless
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