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Amy Schumer tells PEOPLE her magic moments from 2015 – and covers our Most Intriguing Issue!
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I predict that Amy's fame will be nothing more than a fart in the wind.  She's a pig.
hm! Sadly, it says a lot that they have to make up a "hall of shame" tribute (?) chronicle!
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My mom is very excited to get her new book. She loves Amy Schumer! 
Even though Trump put himself in that position telling I am a big man women want me Everbody Wants me sung to Super Tramps Everybody Wants You

I believe Melania

Apparently their anniversary was public also just like their marriage
so she did not see them in private because it is doubtful they could get an appointment for an interview when they had an invite as a magazine not as her personally a friend

Now you may say ok she is in my camp

but apparently this is the modern gold digger woman probably

It makes her no different than the liars on the Republican side and on this one if People cannot serve up work orders articles etc. then they can run risk for a liable lawsuit which will take away from any truthful situation

I personally think it was braggart she wants me they want me um no

This is demeaning to women as people to utilize their sexuality to get ahead like this

but as to Paula Jones they hunted her down and her husband was in desperate straights they were behind on a house note she has kids

and they promised her a body rebuild which unfortunately helps men and women get jobs

we are a tainted society that still looks at the exterior instead of the interior of people of both genders

You need to ask her to back down back off walk away be quiet because if she cannot prove it and it is suppose to be a news article

that is going pretty low adding Melania in there but apparently Melania knows she is lying about her husband if she would lie about being friends with her.

Melania would be involved with women of her kind

So also this woman gets to elevate her status sexually also as someone whom Trump found attractive while his beautiful model wife was pregnant and would cheat on that nice woman with a reporter no where near as attractive as Melania even pregnant.

He said look at her they are rewriting the words on tv

It is surely a lie as much as Kathleen Willie probably murdered her husband for a million insurance policy should be called a death policy not life
Este comentario va mas para la revista en cuestión, he notado que ustedes hacen top de los mas bellos en cualquier categoría, a mi me parece que en la categoría de luchadores deberían de hacer uno con los que integran la wwe, pero no los de antes sino de los que están desde el 2010 en adelante. Si lo hacen deberían ser los 25 luchadores de la wwe mas bellos, y para mi debería ganar este top Roman Reigns, porque yo soy televidente del programa desde hace años, que yo estaba adolescente y he conocido algunos luchadores y el para mi físicamente es el mejor que ha pisado esa lona.

Eso lo digo de manera objetiva, como profesional que soy en el área de marketing. Espero que vean este comentario.
i don't know what the hell u re talking bout black man no that's not working when i did'nt take back my 1st boyfriend i moved on to ed westwick unlike rhianna the barabian diva who does umbrella video don't want him at all Archie Morris since i been writtng chuck bass sleep half the day kendra bethune 
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