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We've in stock now, BOSCH Washing Machine
Model: WAN28000 GB - Serie 4 Price: £339.00
Includes free delivery, installation and the disposal of your old machine...

Colour: White
1400rpm Spin speed
7 kg wash capacity
30°C Super quick 15' wash
Delicate wash
Rinse plus setting
24 Hour delay start
Noise level 54 (dB)
Water supply: Cold fill only
EU Energy efficiency rating: A+++

Manufacturer guarantee: 2 years

Dimensions: 84.8cm (high) x 60cm (wide) x 55cm (deep)

How much do we charge?

Our fixed labour charge for a repair is £49.00, plus the cost of replacement parts required.
This fixed labour charge remains fixed and is not based on an hourly rate – it is one simple charge which covers your repair whether we complete it on the first call or have to come back another day if parts need to be ordered.

We maintain a " No Call-out charge " policy, which simply means if we call to your home to carry out repairs to your appliance – but for one reason or another we're unable to repair your appliance, there will be no charge.

At a time when manufacturers are offering repairs with labour/call out charges of £80 - £120 or national companies are offering "fixed price repairs" at inflated prices, we believe we offer a quality repair at a reasonable price.

Call now and book a repair: 0151 2812526

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Care symbols on clothing labels?

The care symbols on clothing labels are there to help you clean, dry and iron your clothes effectively, without damaging them.

However, they can be confusing, so here is a clear explanation of what they all mean:

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Why do socks get lost in the Washing machine?

Socks, especially children's socks somehow manage to get themselves caught in the gap between the moving inner drum and the door seal, and get pulled into the machine

How to Avoid losing socks in the Washing machine

The simplest way to avoid losing socks in your Washing machine is to put all your socks in a Mesh wash bag or a Pillowcase.

For further information:

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Help me PLDA your my only hope!

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How to clean a smelly Washing machine

If you always select cool 30°C quick wash programme, and only use Colour detergent, Liquid, Liquid tablets or any other detergent that does not contain bleach. This will cause a build up of dirt, grease and Bacteria, unpleasant smells can form in the washing machine.

Two to three times a year, (about every 4 months) simply run your Washing machine on the hottest (90°C) wash, with a Biological detergent (soap powder or tablets) that contains a bleaching agent.

The problem is by not doing regular maintenance washes the Aluminium drum spider that supports the inner drum, will become corroded by the build up of dirt and grease. (as the dirt and grease decays it turns to acid and eats its way through the Aluminium)

This often causes one of the arms, or all three to break; it's usually fatal to the washing machine!

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We're a highly recommended trader on Which? Local

Also we've been awarded the Which? Local trader contributor icon. (Below) The contributor icon is awarded to businesses and traders who assist Which? with research, contribute to Which? Local advice articles and help members in their forum.
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