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Jesus, homeschool , autism
Jesus, homeschool , autism

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Is your young athlete working to be the best? Check out how your athlete can become the next BODYARMOR athlete here:
Premium sports drink with no artificial flavors or sweeteners
Healthier alternative to traditional sports drinks
BODYARMOR provides your body with Superior Hydration
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Coconut water
High in potassium, low in sodium

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Wondering what all the hoopla is surrounding Beauty and the Beast and it 's alleged #LGBT agenda?
Here's my take on it after previewing the movie.


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Great idea for date night!
No babysitter needed!

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Did you know that the Road to Heaven game comes with it's own Bible? No need to rustle one up when you play which makes it so convenient for carrying to game night anywhere! +D. Migliaccio 

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We are really enjoying the #RoadtoHeaven game designed by +D. Migliaccio
Bible time has never been more fun!

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What is a gap year? How do you do it when your child has +autism? Take an inside peek into what we are doing for our child with autism now that he has graduated from high school.


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Looking for a writing curriculum for your high schooler?
See why I think you should choose +WriteShop !

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One mom's experience with someone taking the time to listen to her.
It changed her day.
How has someone made you feel special lately.

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I'm always looking for frugal ways to supplement my homeschool. +Groupon never lets me down.
See how I use Groupon to give my children a world class education at a fraction of the price.

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