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Please can you share to help Alan Stevens
Hope you don't mind me asking a small favour - could you please share this link in the hope of finding some very sentimentally important property? Thank you!
On Friday 20th June 2014, our house in London E18 was burgled between 1pm and 2pm. It happens to a lot of people. We lost computers, jewellery, clothes, shoes, ties - the usual haul for opportunist thieves. However, several t...

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Latest vacancy list- #BornDigital youths to become Social Digital Apprentices from the Digital Youth Academy Partners- real jobs! Please do share to help them 

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Get your nominations in....
Please use the voting form below to submit your nominations to the Digital Leaders 50. You can make multiple nominations for different candidates by reusing

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+Hannah Power Great video, Hannah. 

Penny Power

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Very good. Particularly liked focus on reputation building.

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Hi Penny. Love the video. Wish you every success with this. 

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A well balanced explanation of what our generation have done to the Gen Y generation and how this Generation need to snap out of certain programing that is holding them back (weirdly and delightfully found by my 21 year old daughter who said she see's this a lot in her gen)
Lucy is part of Generation Y, the generation born between the late 1970s and the mid 1990s. She's a unique brand of yuppie, one who thinks they are the main character of a very special story. Only issue is this one thing: Lucy's kind of unhappy.
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There's a lot of truth to this. Wish it had been an animation, btw. However, the economic downturn has hit many Boomers hard, too, and this creates anxiety aplenty for GYPSYs and their parents. It's very, very hard to know how to advise anyone these days, and only children of the rich can afford to intern for free.  

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The young, like Joe aged 17, can support and teach their older colleagues.

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Please pass tis set of vacancies to be a Social Digital apprentice to anyone you know who is worried about their future based on their GCSEW results last week. Apprenticeships are a credible and viable employment choice

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Digital Economy stats from a more up to date point of view, ignoring the way Gov finds the stats

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Please share the current jobs we have for Born Digital Youths across the UK with our Partners, (FE Colleges and Training Providers) - great jobs as a Social Digital Apprentice created by Digital Youth Academy and their local partners. These are REAL jobs, reall opportunities with great companies
I am sharing my business and home life here. I am one person after all!

I was born in 1964, married in 1990 to my best friend and a great man,Thomas Power, we have 3 children, Hannah 19, Ross 17 and TJ 14. Family is my greatest moments and I love being with them all, home life is very special to me. 

The feeling of 'Family' is very important to me, so in 1998 I created an extended family called Ecademy to create an online home for sole traders and small businesses.

Ecademy has become a huge part of my life and has taken myself, Thomas and the children all over the world. We are very committed to the lives of small businesses and provide on and offline methods of supporting them in their quest for knowledge, projects, collaboration and friendship.

I believe strongly in the power of relationships. Whether they are family, business or social friendships. We all have 3 capital assets we can build in our life, human (our knowledge) financial (our choices) and Social (what people think of us and our relationships). To me my most important asset is my Social Capital and that is something I nurture.

I had a career in the technology sector, in sales and marketing and then stopped for 5 years to have my three children. Learning the Internet and how it could allow me to still work was a breakthrough for me, I have been a full-time mum for much of my career, the years of building my Internet career has been done for the most part while the children were very young.

When I join the dots in my life I can see many experiences, joys and challenges that have brought me to a place in my life where I know that to succeed in life, emotionally and professionally we have to invest time in others.

Life goes in waves, we cannot live a long life and not expect challenges, heartache and pain, when we accept this and we make a choice about how we respond to these things I believe life takes a turn. Each of us has something to say, few have the skills and personal insight to know how to express it and learn to build a brand around our beliefs not just our business. For some, their beliefs become their business.

Throughout my life one aspect of me that has been consistent is that I see and feel the value people have to others. Often this is not easy for the person to see. Many of us have focused on our careers and ourselves and in doing so have forgotten what makes us valuable to others rather than just valuable to ourselves. The world is changing, some say spiritually, some say economically, some say politically, what every your beliefs are, you will know that it is changing.

I have always believed in supporting others, an inherent belief that was inside me from a very young age. In business I was called a servant leader, serving others is my natural style. I see others who have this attitude and I see that they are creating around them an asset that is quite incredible but completely invisible to them, I can call that ‘asset’ Social Capital.

When I speak, write, coach, consult, my goal is to help individuals and businesses build social capital. Social Media is a fabulous tool if used well and not hurried, too many people just 'connect' only those who build trusted relationships and stay in touch through engagement see the true value of asocial media; this includes companies. Brands have to realise that they too are personalities and have responsibility to show they genuinely are interested in their clients WHOLE life.

In addition to Ecademy I am now building a 'Digital Youth Academy' to embrace the amazing Born Digital Generation and give them a chance to show them how they can contribute to the economy. Plus I am thrilled to be bringing to market Frontier Coaching -providing a Digital Coaching architecture and team to help individuals and organisations 'Go Social'.


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