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I have this awesome #ingress banner mission I've been working on called AD ASTRA. I'm down to the last final mission to be approved. The very first one, AD ASTRA I and it's been rejected like 5 or 6 times. I've even given it to a friend to submit and it was also rejected. No one I know can figure out why.

Here's the letter:

"Thanks for submitting AD ASTRA I. Unfortunately, we were not able to accept your mission.

Specifically, we noticed it contains quality issues. Some examples of this type of issues include:

A lack of a clear and informative description and/or title
Text that implies the Mission is incomplete, involved little effort, or not ready for publish (e.g., "test Mission")
Mission has fewer than six unique Waypoints
Mission requires review because it contains a Waypoint that has been retired
Text contains URLs, email addresses or HTML
Please note that these may not be the only issues with your mission. Please be sure to thoroughly review our Mission Acceptance Criteria in the help center.
Thank you."

None of which I can tell, even applies to this mission. The other 29 missions are very much similar and as you can see, they would make a great banner but no one can start it since the one missing mission is the first one. Let's look at this, no text containing urls, no email addresses, no html, no waypoints that retired that I know of, I mean, can the mission tool actually let you pick those? It has 11 waypoints, not less than 6, the text doesn't indicate that it's somehow incomplete, I mean really? The title is the same for all the other 29 missions so I don't see how that can be an issue since they were all accepted. As for the "other issues", it doesn't contain the name of an agent, it isn't somehow obscene and the image is around 150 years old and out of copyright, so I don't think that has anything to do with it.
Any ideas?
You have me stumped #niantic.

If you ask me, you all could greatly improve the process if you would just give us mission writers just a little bit more feedback. Perhaps a check list where the reviewer can just click the box where they have an issue. Or better yet, how about a little comment box so we can get something meaningful and we can actually work out solutions with real information instead of making guesses and resubmitting. The tool itself is clunky, you can't sort your missions and the sorting it does do has no visible order to it and it will change on every refresh. You can't even look at your missions without having to withdraw them. What's with that???

I mean I submitted this mission at the end of November last year and now it's mid February and I am still resubmitting.

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#Niantic it's happened to someone else I know. This friend is only level 9, he has two phones and unintentionally left one with ingress running on the charger at home and went out to play with his other phone. He had no idea this would happen.

Auto-terminating accounts without any review is wrong.

Kiddoes, if you play any #Niantic game, be sure to only run it on one device and delete it from all the others you may own. This could happen to you too.

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Learn to take art seriously. Photography is very much a part of our lives and the photographers deserve to be rewarded for their work.

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I'm still short a bit on my goal! Please help me and my team help kids in this great cause. We will be down at Gerards this weekend all night long battling it out for kids. Anything helps!

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What we usually call the Sculpture Garden. Yes, this place has a name. No good parking, you have to park on the side of the street.

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We will be locked up at Gerard's Gaming and LAN center on November 5th to game all night long for kids. Make a pledge and help us help kids!

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We are doing it again this year. Me and my teammates will be locking ourselves up at Gerards on El Dorado in Webster to game into the night for kids. Help us help kids who are in the hospital and need games to help them heal.

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To say to a player with no record of cheating can be banned in an instant with no recourse and no thought and denied out of hand and yet, we report real spoofers with witnesses and screenshots and their accounts remain live and kicking to spoof again is outrageous. Bad move +Niantic 
I've met good strong players who have stopped playing because of spoofers taking down their fields they drove hours to deploy and yet you leave these cheaters alone. But no, you autodelete anyone who turns on their scanner who happens to have turned on the wrong settings on their phone and deny their appeals out of hand. I wonder how many good players have lost their accounts without ever knowing why? +NIA Ops +Niantic Project 
After more than 3 years of hard earned achievements and legitimate play…NOW I’M A SPOOFER!!
Recently, after our area was heavily spoofed, for whatever reason, I decided to look into just how it’s done. I admit, I played with settings and tried an app just to see what would happen. I had NO way of knowing it would get me BANNED INSTANTLY. I didn’t deploy anything. I didn’t throw or drop any links. I didn’t blow anything up. I didn’t virus anything, I just opened it up to see how it worked…and now I’m a SPOOFER!! I was even banned before my wife even had the chance to finish reporting the actual spoofer…who’s account, by the way…IS STILL ACTIVE!! REALLY??
I and my family have been playing Ingress, faithfully, legitimately, honorably and aggressively for more than 3 years now. When we started, we had to take accusations that we were cheating because we had 6 agents in one car and traveled extensively!! We not only traveled specifically FOR Ingress but every business trip or vacation also became an Ingress adventure. It didn’t take long for even some of our more staunch, Resistance opponents to start vouching for us, after meeting us all (Tymont, TXSweet, 0v3rrat3, BilgeSplat, TyTXBabyGurl and Bombastic93) and we became a well honored force to be reckoned with.
As a family and independently, we/I have traveled thousands of miles (at least 90K on my new truck & another 50K+ on other family vehicles), countless hours (including 5 hours one way to drop links, 6 hours one way to mule keys & three days drive for Persepolis/Portland), and spent a small fortune ($600-$700/month in gas, $7,000+ for hotel rooms...including current reservations for ViaNoir NOLA, two radiators & 3 sets of tires) to throw countless fields, clear lanes, fight for or win anomalies, mule hundreds of keys and chase shards. All of this achieved honestly, aggressively, respectfully, legitimately and DRIVING or WALKING EVERY MILE…every INCH of the way! I have submitted hundreds of portals in more places than I can remember. I have found hidden treasures in places I’ll never forget. I have hosted and helped with First Saturday’s & cross faction ops. I am in numerous communities and leadership groups. I even helped in the founding of an entirely new Ingress community. Why on earth would I willfully spoof when I have that kind of achievement in my repertoire?
With my family, I’ve been all over Texas and Louisiana. I’ve gone from Texas down to the border, across the coast to Florida, up to Colorado and everything on the way to Seattle. I’ve seen Ingress played over to Tennessee, Virginia, and St Louis. I’ve been everywhere man, crossed the deserts bare, breathed the mountain air, of travel I’ve had my share…ALL for the game. I’ve been actively involved in all but 2 anomalies including Recursion, Helios, Darsana, Shōnin, Persepolis, Abaddon, Obsidian, Aegis Nova, and ViaLux. Those trips allowed me the honor of meeting Hank Johnson, Suzanna Moyer and Ethan Lepouttre. My daughter and I were even interviewed by Klue for the Ingress report when we were in Portland for Persepolis. I even smoked a brisket that Joe Philley claimed was the best he’d ever tasted. I helped Linda Besh with her cross faction “Links Across America” and paid tribute to a well-loved agent with a cross faction Z field. I’ve made hundreds of friends throughout my TRAVELS. Yet, I get curious and am immediately banned while a true spoofer turned in that very same evening still has an active account.
What gives +NIA Ops? Does more than 3 years of play and dedication to the game not count for anything?? Are you really telling us that one simple mistake of curiosity is enough to completely wipe away years of honest, hard earned achievement from the board? While the ones who are really ruining the game go on undetected or unbanned. It just doesn’t make any sense and I’d really appreciate a chance to clear my reputation and continue on in a spirit of fair play.
+NIA Ops
+Linda Besh
+John Hanke

My help ticket is 280270, please reinstate my account immediately.

So much of what could have been posted here is shared in private communities, but you get the picture.

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Help one of my ENL Gaming friends get through a very difficult time in her life.

Greetings from Houston, glad to be here! :)
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