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Hangouts on Air has moved to YouTube Live: How to get help

There is a nice article in the YouTube Help Center about how to run a HOA via YouTube Live:

If you need help you have several options:

1. Hangouts Help Forum

If your issue is with the Hangout video call interface after launching the Hangout on Air, the best place to get help is the Hangouts Help Forum in the Hangout on Air category:!forum/hangouts

2. YouTube Creator Support

If you have monetization enabled on your YouTube channel, you can get support by email. That's the case even if you haven't monetized any videos.

Just click the "Help" option at the bottom of any page on or click "Get Support" at

If you are signed into an account with an eligible channel you will see the option to contact Creator Support.

Learn more here:

3. YouTube Help Forum

If you are having trouble with the YouTube Live Event interface, the processing of your video archive or other YouTube issues, you can get help in the YouTube Help Forum in the Live Streaming category:!forum/youtube

Happy broadcasting!
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Must get through all this stuff properly but one thing I really miss from the G+ #HOA Events is the Calendar integration and the RVSP function. It's extremely convenient to get the #HOA in your calendar pretty much automagically - in the correct time zone! Bliss - that is gone?!
Peggy K
+Niilo Alhovaara​ you can manually create a Google+ Event, which would serve that purpose. 
Thanks +Peggy K​ must try that. However, in that case the workflow is broken down to two separate pieces compared to the old times - or am I missing something here? 
Peggy K
+Niilo Alhovaara that's right. Because no Google+ Event is created automatically, it's an extra step. 
Thanks +Peggy K​ Google has it going on...
awesomely not going to you that lol +Peggy K Have fun...
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