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How to set up AdSense to add advertising to your Blogger blog

If your +Blogger blog is eligible to apply for +Google AdSense  you will see a big orange Sign up for AdSense button on your blog's Earnings tab. Click that button to get started.

If you do not already have an AdSense account, you must use that button to apply. If you try to apply for AdSense directly with your blog URL, you will get an error message.

Note that it is not guaranteed your application for AdSense will be approved.

* You must be at least 18 years old
* Your blog must comply with the AdSense Program Policies (
* Your blog must contain substantial original content
* Your blog must be in a supported language (
* Your your site must active for at least six months in some locations

If you have a Hosted AdSense account created via YouTube or AdMob you must upgrade to show ads on your blog

Follow these instructions for applying for an upgrade:

Use my Hosted AdSense account created from YouTube to show ads on my own site:

Use my AdSense account created from AdMob to show ads on my own site:

Note: Your Blogger blog must have a Custom Domain to use it to apply for an upgrade. How to add a Custom Domain:

Learn more in the official Blogger help forum:!topic/blogger/-41Vttv5ipU

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