YouTube Creator update: In-video notifications of a Featured Video or Playlist will be discontinued December 14

Recently, we’ve taken a look at how successful the interactive bar is and how often people actually use it. We’ve come to realize that very few actually click on it. In fact, only one in twenty people click on the suggested link. Even worse, for the small percentage of users who do click on the link, they’re often taken to a live stream that no longer exists. As a result, many folks complain that it feels like spam.

That’s why, just like with paid channels and annotations, we’ll be removing the ability to promote a featured video, playlist or live stream via these in-video notifications starting on December 14, 2017.

You can still promote your videos and playlists on your channel using Cards and End Screens

Or add links to the video description

Get the details and ask questions in the YouTube Help Forum!category-topic/youtube/fbbagTPah5A

Learn more in the YouTube Help Center
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