Allo's missing features make sense if the target market is India

+Ron Amadeo​ argues "When viewed through the lens of the average person in India, Allo's "incomplete" launch, odd design decisions, and missing features suddenly make sense."

What does he base this on?

* Most adults in India only access the internet via a smartphone, not a desktop computer and not multiple devices

* SMS signup is easier than creating a Google account, and works fine if the user's only internet device is their phone

* Google says the new Allo app is designed to be "offline-first." It lets users download videos for later and share them to friends over a local network. That makes sense if the target user is likely to have limited internet connectivity.

* Allo rolled-out worldwide over the course of a few days, but it launched first in India. Google partnered with Indian OEM Micromax to have Duo pre-installed on its devices. Almost half of the Allo sticker packs are by Indian artists, and many have Indian themes like "I <3 India" and "Modern Parivar.".

There's more to the argument, which you can read at +Ars Technica​:
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