Update to AdSense policy: more mobile web options

Starting today, you can place a 320x250 ad unit above the fold on a mobile page.

After careful review, we've determined that when 300x250 ads are implemented above the fold in a user-friendly way [on mobile web pages], the ads do not annoy, distract, or result in ad performance issues.

But you still need to make sure your design is year friendly.

With the removal of this restriction, you still must be vigilant to ensure that their mobile site layouts do not cause ads to push the page content below the fold in such a way that may lead to accidental clicks. To ensure a good user experience, we still recommend the site content should be clear and accessible above the fold.

What does "above the fold" mean?

Above the fold", or the top fold of the page, refer to the portion of the page a user can see without scrolling down.

Guide to AdSense ad sizes

Tips for ad placement on mobile sites in the AdSense help center

Read the announcement on the +Google AdSense‚Äč blog:
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