Find your Hangouts after switching to the new Google+: , Gmail or Chrome app

The new G+ doesn't have built-in Hangouts. However, you can still access your Hangouts conversations on desktop:

> is the home of Hangouts.

Click the left menu to find your contacts or make a call

> Get the Hangouts Chrome Extension

> Use the Chrome desktop app or extension

> Use Hangouts in Gmail or Inbox by Gmail

I personally use the Chrome Hangouts app with the transparent UI enabled , as I like to have chats visible on the desktop without having to switch to a different browser tab.

If you are scheduling a Hangout on Air you have a couple of options

Update: as of September 12, 2016 all HOAs must be run through YouTube Live Events

> Open and click Hangouts on Air in the left menu (only works if you are broadcasting as a Google+ Profile, or are signed in directly to a Google+ Page)

> Schedule your HOA in YouTube Live Events ( )

Instructions for setting up a Hangout on Air:

And, for the time being, you can switch back to "classic G+" by clicking the "Back to classic G+" link on the lower left corner of any page on Google+.

Background photo by +Erik Steen Redeker​​ . Check out his Citiscapes Collection:

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