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Zoom zoom zoom: enlarge the text in the Hangouts Chrome desktop app with the Zoom setting

If you are using the Hangouts Chrome desktop app, you can change the Zoom level to enlarge or shrink the text and other content.

How to change the Zoom setting

1. Open the Chrome Hangouts app

2. Click the 3 line hamburger menu icon at top left to open the Settings

3. Under "Hangouts app settings" click the current "Zoom" level (100% is the default)

4. Select the zoom level you want - shrink it down as small as 25% or enlarge up to 500% (in my screenshots I alternate between 100% and 250%)

This option is available for both the Transparent UI (shown in my screenshot below) and in the Non-transparent UI.

Get started with the Hangouts Chrome desktop app

Change settings for the Hangouts Chrome desktop app

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Interesting that I do not see any of the suggested items . Settings show only Notifications and General
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