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Hangouts 11 for Android removed merged conversations. What does that mean?

This change only affects you if all the following are true:

> you use the Hangouts app on Android
> you use the Hangouts app for SMS
> you had merged conversations enabled

This does not affect SMS in Hangouts on desktop.

Note that if you use Google Voice or Project Fi, you may end up with two SMS conversations with a single person in the Android app, because occasionally SMS may be sent as "Carrier" (for example SMS sent via voice commands).

Hangouts explains why merged conversations was removed:

Previously, we offered the ability to merge chats sent through SMS and chats sent through Hangouts into one conversation in Hangouts. We found that this feature was not very popular with users and led to some confusion. So in R11 all your Hangouts chat conversations and SMS text conversations will appear separately.

See the FAQ in the official Hangouts help forum:!topic/hangouts/ABunxWQiwXc

Learn more in the Hangouts help center:

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It needs putting back NOW... We need more features like imessage not less
Why would they do this? I loved this app until they did this.... Going to look elsewhere if they don't bring it back
Peggy K
+Jeff Miatello​ this is the reason given be Hangouts "We have decided to remove it, because it caused user confusion and had low usage." I suspect it's one of those features where people who used it really love it, but most users don't care.
Thanks for the info. I'm still bummed though :(
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