After 9 months of updates Google+ had been reincarnated

+Luke Wroblewski​ takes a look back at the changes and updates since the launch of the new Google+. It's come a long way in 9 months.

And now, as +Michael Brown​ put it, Google+ has been reincarnated. It's a new and different Google+, and still in its infancy.

I recommend also read +Yonatan Zunger​'s share of the announcement that the new Google+ interface is now the default:

Yes, the new Google+ is not the same as the old Google+, but I think it's good.

And do send feedback to Google+ directly. They are listening!
+Luke Wroblewskitakes us down +Google+memory lane

The G+ platform has been through a lot of changes during the course of its change reincarnation. From an average user standpoint, I can understand the frustration of having to start from the beginning. Having your once beloved social network stripped from all its bells and whistles that heavily completed against its competitors.

However, the beautiful thing about this platform is that, it's parent platform (+Google) invests a lot of time and energy into it to make it faster and better for the years to come. Communicating directly with active users to make it better for the active users.

Read through +Luke Wroblewski​'s walkthrough of all of the changes and successes +Google+​ has had in the past and what's coming:
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