Have you lost access to your AdSense account? Or think it's been hacked?

If you think there has been unauthorized access to your AdSense account, or you cannot access it at all, AdSense can help:

1. Run a malware scan on your computer

2. Use the AdSense login troubleshooter:

3. Follow all the troubleshooting steps, and that should take you to the Account login issues form:

4. Supply the following information:

* Proof of your identity and address using acceptable documents.

* Proof of a recent AdSense payment, such as a copy of a check, Western Union receipt or bank statement clearly showing a recent AdSense EFT deposit.

* The URL of a test page of your website. This is to prove that you own and manage the domain listed in your account.

AdSense will try to help you recover your account, although it may not be possible in all circumstances.

Note that if you voluntarily gave access to your AdSense account to a colleague, contractor or employee, AdSense will not mediate any dispute. Consider carefully before giving anyone administrator access to your account.

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