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Setting up and troubleshooting your Blogger custom domain

If you don't want to use a domain for your Blogger blog, you can pretty easily add a custom domain of your own.

+Chuck Croll has updated his detailed guide to Blogger custom domains. If you are setting up a new domain for your blog, you may want to check it out.

Or if you just want to dive in and set it up, start here in the Blogger Help Center:

Be aware that adding a custom domain could negatively impact your blog, at least in the short term:

> If you use Google+ comments the old comments may no longer display after switching domains:

> HTTPS is currently not available for custom domain blogs

> If you have a Hosted AdSense account you will need to upgrade your account for AdSense for Content

If you have questions, post in the official +Blogger help forum:!forum/blogger
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I would add that you can use a subdomain of an existing one you own; if you own and use "" you can direct "" to the blogger pages, avoiding the purchase of a new domain name and leave the first use in place (like a store).
Peggy K
+Randy Resnick yes, good point! The subdomsin option is covered in the Blogger instructions.
Peggy K
+Navigaweb - Pom-HeyWEB! did you just notice this recently? People have been reporting the problem today, and Blogger is aware of the issue.
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