Live now: YouTube - the year in review (2016)

2016 was an eventful year. Join me as I discuss my favorite updates, and what I hope 2017 will bring.

Note: this is no longer live. Click the video below to watch the replay.

I'll be posting a detailed article on my blog:

Redesigned Creator Hub

YouTube for Creators Benefit Levels

Improving Content ID for Creators

Changes to account penalties

Redesigned account features page

Clarification on monetization & advertiser-friendly content

- YouTube posted a clarification here:!topic/youtube/djWE1FRqQKo
- My post:
- Business Insider Headline:

Creator support options

YouTube Contacts

YouTube Communities

Moderate comments on your videos and channel

Post and interact with comments

Plus your comment history across YouTube is now visible!

Hangout on Air in YouTube Live

Mobile Live Streaming

YouTube Live Features

YouTube Heroes
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