How to schedule a Hangout on Air after switching to the new Google+: open and select "Hangouts on Air" in the left menu

The link to Hangouts on Air in the left menu at opens using the Classic Google+ interface. That lets you schedule a Hangout on Air Event without having to manually switch away from the new Google+ interface.

Note: this only works if you want to host your HOA using your personal Google+ Profile

If your YouTube channel is connected to a Google+ Page, the Page must set up the HOA. If that is the case - or you are not sure - first switch back to Classic G+ and then schedule your HOA Event as usual.

You can also sign in to the Google+ Page's account directly to set up the HOA as suggested by +Ben Fisher in the comments.

The alternative is to schedule your HOA in YouTube Live Events. That does not create a Google+ Event.

Learn how to set up a Hangout on Air in YouTube Live Events:

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