Embed your YouTube live stream and Google+ comments on your Wordpress site with the VCP Events Plugin

If you have been missing Google+ Comments for your YouTube Live Sream or Hangout on Air, the VCP Events plugin will let you set that up on your self-hosted Wordpress blog.

The Google+ comments are similar to the Google+ commenting on Blogger blogs. Unlike YouTube Live chat, the comments stick around after the live broadcast is over.

Note: you must have YouTube Live streaming embedding enabled for this to work. Check at www.youtube.com/features

Get the plugin:

See what it looks like (this live stream is over):

(Thanks +Roland Takaoka!)
VCP Events Plugin for Wordpress has been released!
Live Streaming Events are now possible for FREE!
...with Comment stream, comment display features, custom branding, and more!
... in a resource-light app that is ready for free download and installation through the Wordpress Plugin Directory!
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