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Google+ now has a process for claiming orphaned Communities

If a Google+ Community has no owner there is now a process for an active community member to claim ownership.

It's not easy. Here’s how it works:

1. Use the form below to send Google+ details of your request.

2. Get endorsements from at least 3 active members of the Community. Google will email you instructions on how to get endorsements.

3. When you have 3 endorsements, Google will review your request. You’ll need at least 3 endorsements within 2 weeks, or your request will be closed.

For more information see +John Skeats  post below.
Google Introduces a Solution for Communities Without Owners

Orphaned communities (communities that no longer have owners) have been a big problem for a long time. Google just introduced a solution. If you are a member of an orphaned community, you can use the form below to volunteer to become a new owner of the community.

A couple of important notes:
* Approval is not automatic. Google will review each applicant carefully to prevent trolls and other malicious individuals from taking over orphaned communities.
* This process only applies to communities that have no owners. It cannot be used in the event of ownership disputes or in cases where there are owners who are ignoring the needs of their communities. 
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I wonder how does an owner leave a community? Maybe the same way a member leaves?
Peggy K
+Craig Long I suspect it's usually by deleting their account (or having their Google+ Profile suspended). I'm not sure an Owner can leave without transferring ownership first (at least that's how I think it should work).
It is still unresponsible or stupid to leave a community on the side and just delete Google+ profile without reason voluntarily.
+Peggy K I wish they came out with a way to merge two communities, where the orphaned(or discarded/inactive) community gets merged into similar one at the choice of owner.
Peggy K
+Kim Nilsson​​ the process is only for Communities with no owner at all. If the Owner's profile still exists, they presumably no longer want the Community. If it's because of hacking, once they recover their account, they should be able to convince other community members to help them regain control.
Peggy K
+Lunix Watt​ I agree, but people sometimes don't think about the repercussions. And they may not be deleting their account voluntarily. One example that happens too often is the account was created with a school or business email, and when they graduate or leave that employment, the account is deleted.
One of my communites got hacked. They managed to grant themselves ownership, Demote me down to Moderator and I letrailly found this out today.
Peggy K
+EthelredFlametail​ whichever original owner who had their Google account hacked needs to recover it. 
Do you have a information site explaining how to recover a group for future reference?

+Peggy K I may also pass this information on to one of my communities I gave away but the owner is now off YouTube and g+ forever.
Peggy K
+EthelredFlametail all the information is in the Google+ Support article I linked to. The owner has to be completely gone from Google+ - if the problem is that they just aren't active, this won't help.
I tried this process on another account for community that has been without an owner for quite some time. Twice.

The confirmation email they send me says that if I'm found ineligible, they'll email me. yet I haven't received such an email. The first time, the two weeks (how long they said I had) passed, and I received no emails at all. The second time, it's been almost one week, I have received confirmation from four active members that they filled out the form (on the first day), and now, a week later, I still have no email.

The community is in dire need of an owner, and is deteriorating fast because of it. If there's any information anyone has that would be useful, I would be happy to hear it.
Peggy K
+Jacob Johnson  I don't know how long the process usually takes. My guess is that it may take several weeks at least. Can you confirm that the community has no owner listed at all in the member list?
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