Blogger post editor now has a "mixed content" warning tool to help you find and fix links without HTTPS

Blogger is enabling HTTPS for all blogs.

When HTTPS is enabled, links and embedded content that don't use HTTPS may give an error when someone visits your blog.

This new error detection process spots those links, and will let you convert all HTTP links to HTTPS links in your post with a single click.

You can also Dismiss the warning.

Keep in mind:

* if your blog has a custom domain, HTTPS is NOT enabled, so mixed content should not be a problem on your blog

* some third party links, scripts and embeds may not work if you change HTTP to HTTPS - make sure to view your published blog post to make sure everything is working as intended

Learn more about spotting and fixing Mixed Content in the Blogger Help Center:

Official announcement on the +Blogger​ blog:

Learn more about the new warning in the post editor on +Chuck Croll​'s Real Blogger Status blog:
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