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It's now easier to view and manage people blocked in Google+ and Hangouts in your Google account

Google now has one place to easily view all the people and pages you have blocked in Google+ and Hangouts:

No Google+ Profile is required!

Note: if you are acting as a Google+ Page you will need to sign in to the Page's special account directly to view that page

 How to set a password for your Page:

There are some limitations:

> The list does not display profile photos, only names  (and it's a list of Google account names, not Google+ profiles) 

> the only action you can take is to click the X next to a name to unblock them

> The "Blocked users" list does include accounts blocked on Google+, Hangouts and Who's Down

> The "Blocked users" list does NOT include accounts blocked using YouTube:

or blocks of email addresses in Gmail:

 or phone numbers:

> There isn't currently any way to sort the list, but you can use Ctrl-F (or Cmd-F) to find a name on the page

If you are a manager of a Google+ Page, you can find the block list on the Page's Google+ Activity Log

1. Sign in as manager of the Page on Google+ or in Google My Business (
2. Click Settings on left menu
3. On the Settings Page
 *New Google+ UI*: 
      click Activity Log under General
  Classic Google+ UI: 
       click Manage Google+ Activity under Manage other apps and activity

4. That will bring you to the Activity Log
            URL for a Google+ Page's Activity Log[userID]/apps/activities       (every Page will have a different URL because it contains the Page's userID)
URL for a Google+ Profile's Activity Log

5. At the top of that page, click the little down arrow next to  the word Posts to switch activity to People You Blocked

How to block or ignore someone in Hangouts

How to block someone in Google+

Classic G+ UI:

New G+ UI:

Learn more about managing blocked people in the Google Accounts Help Center
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No users currently blocked for me.
Peggy K
Either you have been lucky to not run in to terrible people or you are kinder than I am :) 
The main thing that I'm noticing is the fact that one user is 'Adolf Hitler.'
But besides that, this is, indeed, very useful.
Peggy K
+CinderToast​ there are multiple Adolf Hitlers on Google+, and most deserve reporting and blocking
+Peggy K True. I've seen many harassing others in comments and posts.
I have my Motorola,n am proud of it,Google's policy to reach more n more users,to come to your technical superiority by offering,much more knowledge ,is praisworthy,,,in this rocket era,Pl keep up,
Paggy K U r holding much responsibility of valuable hints,showing path of success,to those those approached to u .
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