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New Hangouts Chrome extension experience coming August 31

As we continue to iterate and add in features that help users communicate in group chats, the new experience brings together multiple chat windows into one and makes it easier to see more chat content.

Existing users of the Chrome extension will be able to opt into the new experience on August 31, 2016, which has functional parity with the current experience. Users will have the option to remain on the current experience until October 16, 2016, at which point all users will be automatically updated to the new experience.

Get the Chrome Hangouts Extension:

Learn more on the Google Apps Updates blog:

(h/t +Andrew Hatchett)
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Oh, ok. So now it makes a bit more sense. I was just wondering why they always had that duality. But after shutting down the Apps, I guess I'll switch to the extension.
+Peggy K do you know if there will be a minimise to system tray like there is for the current extension??
I hope so!!! =)
That's why I'm using the old extension currently
As it doesn't crash as much as the App, and it has the minimise to tray option
That looks... big. I like the extension as is as it doesn't get in the way too much. Hope this is an addition rather than a replacement.
Well, I recently moved from the app to the extension, getting ready for the coming update - the current extension version is very buggy. It keeps hanging on me, not rendering the UI. I just hope the update fixes all this.
I havent gotten the update?!??!

Peggy K
+JT Trevino I have not gotten it either. Maybe there was a delay.
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