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Towards a better Blogger: a new simplified dashboard and account design tweaks

Google is working toward a faster, easier to use, and more beautiful Blogger.

* When you open Blogger, you’ll be taken right to your blog with the most recent post.

*The Blogger header bar is more consistent with other Google products.

* They have adjusted Blogger’s colors to make things easier to see

Get started with Blogger

Learn more on the official +Blogger​ blog
Check out the new dashboard and header bar:
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Dear +Peggy K To update an old article, a maximum of how many articles in one day is allowed?
Peggy K
+Dedy Santoso I'm not sure what the current limit is. How many posts do you plan to make?
Peggy K
As far as I know, that should be fine. The limit is likely closer to 50-100 posts
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