HTTPS coming to all Blogspot domain blogs in late April

In September 2015 Blogger introduced the option to enable HTTPS on blogs. Today Blogger announced that HTTPS will be enabled on all blogs in late April.

(Note: this only applies to blogs on, not blogs with a custom domain)

Why is HTTPS a good thing?

* "it makes it harder for bad actors to steal information or track the activities of blog authors and visitors"

* "it helps check that visitors open the correct website and aren’t being redirected to a malicious location"

* "it helps detect if a bad actor tries to change any data sent from Blogger to a blog visitor"

What do you need to do if you have a Blogger blog?

If you have a blog, you don't need to do anything to enable HTTPS

Some gadgets, scripts or embedded content may not support HTTPS. If there is "mixed content" on any of your blog pages, visitors may get an error message when visiting that page.

How to check for and fix mixed content errors

If you have any questions or concerns, post a question in the official Blogger help forum.!forum/blogger

Learn more about Google's HTTPS Everywhere mission

Sign in to your Blogger account to see the announcement

Coming in Late April! All visitors will be able to view your Blogspot domain blogs over an encrypted connection by visiting https ://<your-blog> Existing links and bookmarks to your blogs will continue to work. As part of this change, the HTTPS Availability setting will go away, and your blogs will always have an HTTPS version.

Original announcement HTTPS support coming to Blogspot (September 30, 2015) on the +Blogger Buzz blog:
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