New: invite people to a Google+ Community via a link

Community owners and moderators can share an invite link with their group however they choose. People with the link will be able to directly join both private and ask-to-join public Communities, and anyone who doesn’t have a Google account or Google+ profile will be able to create one along the way. Communities that are restricted to a given G Suite organization will continue to only be accessible to members of that organization.

This option is rolling out on desktop and mobile web (not the Android or iOS apps).

* Only owners and moderators can create, access, or change an invite link.

* Anyone with the link can join the Community as long as an owner or moderator hasn’t turned off the link or created a new one.

* If you use Google+ for work or school and have turned on domain restriction for your Community, invite links will only work for people within your organization.

* If you’ve been banned from a Community, you can’t join the Community using an invite link. 

Enable "Hold for Review" to screen new posts before they appear in the Community.

Instructions for Community Moderation and Invites in the +Google+​ Help Center

1. Open Google+ on your computer or mobile web browser

2. Click Communities > Yours.

3. On the top left, click Invite People >  Invite with a link

4. Turn on  Allow Invites by link

5. You'll see a link to share below. To copy the link, click Copy

To turn off or create a new invite link:

1. Follow steps 1-3 above.

2. Turn off  Allow Invites by link

3. When you turn on Allow Invites by link again, a new link will be created. 

See +Daniel Raynaud​'s post for more details.
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