Blur select faces with the updated YouTube Blur Faces tool

The Blur Faces tool now automatically detects faces in the video, and selecting a face will blur it throughout the video, automatically handling motion.

The tool is designed for a wide array of situations that we see in YouTube videos, including users wearing glasses, occlusion (the face being blocked, for example, by a hand), and people leaving the video and coming back later.

You can use this tool on any of your uploaded videos.

Creators can apply these blurring edits to already uploaded videos without losing views, likes, and comments by choosing to “Save” the edits in-place. Applying the effect using “Save As New” and deleting the original video will remove the original unblurred video from YouTube for an extra level of privacy. The blur applied to the published video cannot be practically reversed, but keep in mind that blurring does not guarantee absolute anonymity.

Learn more on the YouTube Engineering blog

More details in the +YouTube Help​ Center.
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