Find your first Google+ post using Advanced search operators or using Google Takeout (with an archive of all your posts)

+Gerhard Torges points out in the comments that you can use the Google+ advanced search operators to find your first post.

Use this search:

from:me before:YYYY-MM-DD

Replace YYYY-MM-DD with the year-month-day after you joined Google+. If you joined in late 2012, you could do a search for

from:me before:2013-01-01

That would find all the posts you made before January 1, 2013.

See the post below for details and limitations of using Google Takeout.

More details about Advanced search operators on Google+
Find your first Google+ post (and get an archive of all your posts) using Google Takeout

+Brian Slesinsky has posted a neat trick for finding that first post you posted here on Google+ and creating a backup archive of your posts:

Here are the instructions:

1. Go to

2. Optional: to switch to a Google+ Page click your profile photo at top right, and select the Google+ Page's Brand Account from the list. Once you have switched you will see the Page's Profile image at top right.

3. Deselect everything in the Takeout list except Google+ Stream

4. Download as a zip file.

(Creating the archive may take a while if you have a lot of posts)

5. Unzip.

6. Open Takeout folder
7. Open Google+ Stream folder
8. There will be one HTML file per post. Sort by date modified.


* The earliest modified file should be your first post.

* The file should open in your browser. Click the Permalink link to open the post on Google+.

* the archive does not include photos or images you posted to Google+. You can create a separate archive of your photos in Google Takeout > Google Photos (Google+ uploads appear to be in date albums)

* you may see a Google+ Pages archive option. This only archives the Circles of your Google+ Pages, not the posts.

* My stream archive was 6521(!) post files and about 25MB.

My first post:

It was posted October 1, 2012, with a link to an April 2012 YouTube Announcement. It has one sad +1 and no comments.

(Via +Ade Oshineye)
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