Reshare Google+ posts more easily on Google+

On desktop now the reshare button opens the Google+ post editor directly. If you want to share to Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere, you need to copy the post link:

- on the post page, copy the link from the address bar.

- in your stream, right click or alt-click the date stamp and copy the link address

Note: if you are acting as a Google+ Page, that URL will need to be edited to remove the code for managing the Page.

So, for example, if you are acting as a Page and the URL in the address bar is:

You need to delete:


And the final URL:

Reshare to Google+ in fewer clicks

As of today, when you hit the share icon on a Google+ post, you'll automatically be taken to a Google+ reshare of the post. Previously, users were given an option between Google+ and other social options. This was done in an effort to reduce the number of clicks it took you to reshare Google+ content on Google+. While there is no longer direct share capability to other social sites, copy/paste from the address bar in your browser still works just fine.

We hope this will make your experience here a little bit more seamless and thanks for the feedback that got us here!
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