Google Sheets can now build charts using machine learning (and more updates)

Instead of manually building charts, ask Explore to do it by typing in “histogram of 2017 customer ratings” or “bar chart for ice cream sales.” Less time spent building charts means more time acting on new insights.

More updates:

* Sync data from Sheets in your Google Docs or Slides

Just copy and paste data from Sheets to Docs or Slides and tap the “update” button to sync your data.

* Change default shortcuts in your browser to the same spreadsheet shortcuts you’re already used to.

* Better printing: Adjust margins, select scale and alignment options or repeat frozen rows and columns before you print your work.

* Create and edit charts in a new, improved sidebar. 

* We added new functions to help you find insights, bringing the total function count in Sheets to more than 400.

Learn more on the Google Blog
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