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Google Account settings now let you easily see who you've blocked

Go to your Google Account settings ( > "Your personal info" > "Blocked users" to see a list of everyone you have blocked in Google+ and Hangouts.

Or just go directly to your block list:

You can unblock anyone on the list by clicking X next to the name.

Note that the list does not include people or channels you have blocked on YouTube.

Learn more about blocking and unblocking people in Google products:
We just recently rolled out a new section of My Account - a list of the accounts you've blocked.

No more jumping through hoops to find someone if you need to unblock them, or to check if you already have someone blocked. Just visit and click on "Your personal info" -> "Blocked users" to open the list.

Want to unblock someone? Find them in the list and click the 'X' next to their name.

Note that you can't create blocks from My Account. New blocks are created in the products where you interact with people. This helps avoid blocking the wrong account: as it turns out there are a lot of people with similar names out there. We put the 'create block' option in places like G+ post menus or Hangouts conversation options so you know exactly who you'll be blocking.
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