How the YouTube logo was redesigned

The new logo could have been radically different. YouTube's relatively new art department originally tried a dynamic design.

 “We had a symbol that was loosely reminiscent of a Y, but it would be always changing, animated, and pulling color samples from the video you were watching. It could potentially pull the profile picture or header art from the channel you were watching. So you have these dynamic elements that would all be intersecting.”

That turned out to be a bit too chaotic.

They decided instead to tweak the existing logo.

They decided to ditch the original typeface and design one of their own. They experimented with fonts based on styles from classic television and the VHS era as well as more modern looks. In the end, they went with something that retained the essence of print. “We wanted to keep the history, and the tension of a media typeface that was made in 1903 to be typeset manually with a digital platform that reaches farther than any newspaper of the time could ever conceive of.” For the play button’s updated color, the team tried to find a grounding in the medium. “Looking at reds, we wanted to go for something that would tie to video,” Bettig explained. They settled on #FF0000, “a really pure red that goes to the RGB of video.”

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