Google's new Advanced Protection Program provides extra account security for those most at risk of attack

If you feel you are at risk of a targeted online attack - for example a journalist, a political campaign worker, human rights worker or someone seeking safety from an abusive relationship - you can get extra protection for your Google Account. The only cost is a bit less convenience.

Once you enroll in Advanced Protection, we’ll continually update the security of your account to meet emerging threats—meaning Advanced Protection will always use the strongest defenses that Google has to offer.

This currently includes:

* You must use a physical security key to sign into your account

* Full access to Gmail and Google Drive is limited to specific apps

* Extra steps in the account recovery process, to offend fraudulent access

Sign up for Advanced Protection

Anyone with a personal Google Account can enroll in Advanced Protection. Today, you’ll need Chrome to sign up for Advanced Protection because it supports the U2F standard for Security Keys. We expect other browsers to incorporate this soon.

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