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Tired of switching YouTube channel identities? Set the default channel when signing in to YouTube

Now you can select any of your YouTube channels  - connected to your Google+ Profile or a Google+ Page - to be the automatic default when you sign in. 

1. When you sign in to YouTube you should see a list of all your YouTube channels. 

2. Select the YouTube channel you want to use as a default

3. Select "Don't ask me again" at the bottom of the selector

If you would like to change the default YouTube channel:

1. Make sure you are signed in as the channel you would like to use as your default channel. You can switch channel identities at

2. Go to your channel's Advanced Settings at

3. Select the option "Use this channel (Channel Name) when I sign into my [email username] account
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+Peggy K Thanks for sharing information.Would you tell me how to get email list of YT Channel Subscribers??
Peggy K
+Varun Mittal there isn't any way to get an email list of your YouTube channel's subscribers.  

One option: If you have kept the notification emails for new subscriptions you can see who subscribed to your channel and add those channels' Google+ identities to your circles on Google+. Then you can communicate with them via Google+.
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