Tired of switching YouTube channel identities? Set the default channel when signing in to YouTube

Now you can select any of your YouTube channels  - connected to your Google+ Profile or a Google+ Page - to be the automatic default when you sign in. 

1. When you sign in to YouTube you should see a list of all your YouTube channels. 

2. Select the YouTube channel you want to use as a default

3. Select "Don't ask me again" at the bottom of the selector

If you would like to change the default YouTube channel:

1. Make sure you are signed in as the channel you would like to use as your default channel. You can switch channel identities at www.youtube.com/channel_switcher

2. Go to your channel's Advanced Settings at www.youtube.com/account_advanced

3. Select the option "Use this channel (Channel Name) when I sign into my [email username] account
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