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+Peggy K i'm getting it when it's out. I've liked the idea of it from the beginning months ago. It's not out on my android at the moment though. 
I hope +Google​ listen on the users and update Hangouts. I dont like have 2 apps on phone. Only on phone. I stay on Hangouts! 
+Jonas Jerner They will be positioning Hangouts for enterprise use. Should remain available. But how does one rule out something they've not tried? I wonder how many awesome things one might reject that way, and while that harms, the maker or the user... 
Peggy K
+Jonas Jerner​ Allo is just a different thing from Hangouts. It's phone number based, for one thing. 
+Peggy K​ I know. But users left Hangouts for Allo and Duo? I dont left Hangouts for Allo and Duo 
+Peggy K i figured out how to send the picture and put a message or write on the picture. :o).

and for +Jonas Jerner Allo doesn't require someone to have a google account and you can group chat in it and use the assistant, send pictures which you can write on or type on etc. also you can message either android or ios. the other person doesn't have to download it to answer if they don't want to. they have the option to just answer it or download it and answer it.
+Jonas Jerner hangouts will still be used for example by company's/business's, churches etc. allo is more for a personal message.
So the application is not perfect for whistleblowers... The rule is still the same as with all things Internet, don't do it, if you aren't ok with it forever 
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