YouTube Enhancements (other than Blur and Trim) are going away August 22

Features that will be still available in Creator Studio Classic, and are coming soon to Studio Beta: Trim, Blur Faces, Custom Blurring, plus the option to add Cards. Here's why YouTube is making the change:

We want our editor to support workflows unique to YouTube. The usage of the other Enhancement features is also low; that's why we’re focusing on improving other creator features and building new ones, such as a new editor in YouTube Studio. Any videos published with enhancements before then have not been affected.

The following Enhancements will no longer be available as of August 22:
* Auto-fix
* Stabilize
* Fill Light
* Contrast
* Saturation
* Color Temperature
* Slow Motion
* Timelapse
* Filters
* Rotate

More information about Enhancements in the YouTube Help Forum:

If you have Questions or Comments, see the announcement post in the YouTube Help Forum:!topic/youtube/TU6r2I0o1CI
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