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Invite phone participants to a Hangout video call

The first step is starting a call using the old Hangout video call interface, rather than the new simplified interface.

1. On your computer, open
or start a Hangout video call from a Google Calendar event

2. Under the "Send invite as [your email address]" section, click the dialpad icon

3. Enter the phone number.

4. Click Call.

* Each video call participant can only dial in one phone participant.

* Anyone in the video call can make or end the phone call.

* The phone participant can't mute anyone and can't be muted. The phone participant can use their phone to mute themselves.

* Phone calls in Hangouts create a limited Google Voice account so that you can manage the basics, such as calling credit and call history. This Google Voice account will not have all the features of Google Voice. Only people in the U.S. can have full Google Voice accounts.

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Its seems that google is know started to improve hangouts. But very late. Hangouts turn on camera while receiving call, its very annoying. Do something for audio calling.
Peggy K
+Azhar Shahzad be sure to send feedback to Hangouts directly. You can do that inside a video call by clicking the ? icon at the bottom left corner.
Peggy K
+Me Lovee and +Jean viau you may want to chat somewhere else. And you probably don't want to have your phone number here for everyone to see.
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