YouTubers in the US, Canada, and UK: enter the NextUp 2017 contest!

Eligibility requirements:
* at least 18 years old
* 10,000 - 100,000 subscribers
* Monetization enabled and account in good standing
* at least three 3 newly-created videos uploaded to your channel in the past 90 days
* Apply by April 15, 2017
* Be able to attend the Camp for your area:
-- New York, USA May 22 - May 26 (US and Canada)
-- London, UK May 22 - May 26 (UK)

What you win:
* 5-day creator camp crash course
* $2000 equipment voucher
* one-on one-advice from a dedicated channel coach, invites to exclusive events and parties, and the chance to work with YouTube Partners and NextUp grads

Get all the details and apply!

If you aren't in the US, Canada or UK, keep an eye on that page for NextUp competitions in your country. Coming soon:

Berlin, Germany
Dubai, UAE
Jakarta, Indonesia
Manila, Philippines
Mexico City, Mexico
Moscow, Russia
Mumbai, India
Paris, France
Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Tokyo, Japan
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