Regular YouTube and YouTube Gaming subscriptions are being combined

Over the next few days YouTube is going to be merging your regular YouTube subscriptions with your YouTube Gaming subscriptions.

* Subscribe or unsubscribe to a channel in either YouTube or YouTube Gaming, and it will update in both places.

* You may see videos and posts from YouTube Gaming channels in your YouTube Subs feed, just like any other channel you’re subscribed to.

* Notifications are still separate for each app. So if you turn off notifications in YouTube Gaming, you’ll still get notifications in the main YouTube app unless you manually turn these off. Manage your notification settings:

* YouTube says don't despair gamers! "YouTube Gaming will still be all gaming all the time! The YouTube Gaming homepage and subscriptions feed will remain focused on gaming content."

See your YouTube Gaming subscriptions:

See your regular YouTube subscriptions:

See videos from your subscribed channels here:

If you have questions or comments, head over to the official YouTube Help Forum:!topic/youtube/12_X_3SoEA0

There's discussion over in the YouTube Gaming subReddit:

Learn more in the YouTube Help Center:
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