AdSense introduces Native Ads

There are three Native Ads ad types:

Native In-feed ads: available to all publishers

In-feed ads slot neatly inside your feeds, e.g. a list of articles or products on your site. These ads are highly customizable to match the look and feel of your feed content and offer new places to show ads.

More about in-feed ads:

Native In-article ads: available to all publishers

In-article ads are optimized by Google to help you put great-looking ads between the paragraphs of your pages. In-article ads use high-quality advertising elements and offer a great reading experience to your visitors.

More about in-article ads:

Matched Content ads: available to eligible publishers

Matched content is a content recommendation tool that helps you promote your content to visitors and potentially increase revenue, page views, and time spent on site. Publishers that are eligible for the “Allow ads” feature can also show relevant ads within their Matched content units, creating an additional revenue opportunity in this placement.

More about Matched Content:

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Introducing AdSense Native ads
Introducing AdSense Native ads
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