YouTube has a new look: mobile, desktop, and the YouTube logo

You should see the changes starting today.

New features in the mobile app:

* Clean new design with white header and bottom navigation
* Speed up or slow down playback
* Navigation with gestures: double tap on the left or right side of a video to fast forward or rewind 10 seconds. And soon you will be able to jump between videos with a swipe.
* Soon the YouTube player will seamlessly change shape to match the video format you’re watching, such as vertical, square or horizontal

New desktop design:

* This is rolling out to everyone today
* Material design
* Optional dark theme

Updated YouTube logo and icon:

Designed for our multi-screen world, the updated Logo combines a cleaned up version of the YouTube wordmark and Icon, creating a more flexible design that works better across a variety of devices, even on the tiniest screens.
Get the logo:

Read the announcement for more details

Questions? Head to the YouTube forum!topic/youtube/hqKnkG5wWHY
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