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Google+ web update: turn off comment animation in your Stream, view poll results before you vote

See +Luke Wroblewski​'s post for details
Google+ Web Updates Oct 4
Following our series of news about Google+ for Work, new G+ management tools, and more over the past few weeks, we're returning to addressing common points of feedback & requests with a few Google+ Web updates:

* Turn animated comments (as seen on all streams) on and off.
* View poll results from the post menu (even if you haven't voted yet)

As always, please keep sending us your ideas/issues using the Send Feedback menu item.
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Peggy K
+Xuaox Entertainment​ best to post in the right help forum. If you don't want to share some details you can say you will share them privately.
+Peggy K So you can turn off those comments that keep moving on the new G+? I'm still using the old but that should help when I move to the new G+.
Peggy K
Yes +Craig Long​. It's not so distracting when the animation is off
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