How does YouTube determine whether videos coming with the advertiser-friendly guidelines?

+Barbara talks to John, who manages policy for the advertiser friendly guidelines.

How does the system work?

* Every video is reviewed for advertiser friendliness by YouTube's automated systems

* Title and thumbnail, plus description, help YouTube understand the content of your video

* The initial determination uses signals from your past videos too

* It may take up to 12 hours for YouTube's systems to make a final determination

* Appeals help the automated system improve

They then go through the advertiser-friendly guidelines one by one in detail.

If you are a YouTube Partner, you should definitely watch the whole video. However, here are a few interesting points they covered.

* If your video is about a sensitive topic, it may not be advertiser-friendly, even if you do not show graphic imagery

* YouTube doesn't want you to stop uploading videos on sensitive topics, even if they cannot be monetized.

* Limited ads (yellow icon) means advertisers have the choice whether or not to show ads on the video

* Context matters, for example if the video is educational and what content is the primary focus of the video.

Review the ads friendly guidelines

Watch the video
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