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Hangouts demoted to "optional" in Google Apps package for Android, replaced by Duo

This does not mean Hangouts, or Hangouts for Android, is dead. It does mean that manufacturers may opt to stop including it on smartphones released in 2017, so you'd have to download it from the Play Store after initial setup. Which, really, that's not a big deal. There's also no guarantee that manufacturers will stop bundling the Hangouts app on their devices, but I would strongly assume that's likely - OEMs and mobile operators want to push their own messaging solutions, or those of partners paying for placement on their devices, and Hangouts was competition. An opportunity to remove that competition is obviously going to have appeal.

Google will continue to support Hangouts on Android.

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I sure hope Hangouts will be around for a while in Android - the combo of Hangouts and Google Voice is pretty cool! In the Old World, I can both call and text any phone in the US for free which sure is neat. Of course - unfortunately - Voice is not actually supported in Europe. So, how long will the Hangouts app - and Google Voice! - be there for us? Perhaps not that long. Sigh. 
Peggy K
+Niilo Alhovaara yes - Duo and Allow are no Hangouts replacement. It seems like Hangouts is moving towards a more business focus, which is fine as long as it's still supported :)
I love Hangouts. I hope companys dont install Allo and Duo on my phone and i cant remove. I love to have Hangouts on my phone. Use it every day 
hello how are you hangout is good 
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