YouTube Partners: are you seeing a drop or fluctuations in revenue? Check your videos.

YouTube has been heavily criticized by advertisers for allowing ads to run on "extremist" or other non-advertiser friendly content. Some advertisers have suspended their advertising campaigns.

In response YouTube has begun to implement new "brand safety controls". That means your channel may be affected by these changes.

Blog post:

YouTube also notes this may affect your earnings:

If you’re seeing fluctuations in your revenue over the next few weeks, it may be because we’re fine tuning our ads systems to address these concerns. While this can be unsettling, we’re working as fast we can to improve our systems so that advertisers feel more confident in our platform and revenue continues to flow to creators over the long term.


What you can do

* Make sure your videos’ thumbnails, titles and descriptions accurately represent the content in your video and comply with the advertiser-friendly content guidelines:

* If you think your video was demonetized in error, you can appeal. Request a review by clicking on the yellow $ icon next to the video in Video Manager:

Do you have other monetization issues? Try the monetization troubleshooter:

Questions? Comments? Head over to the YouTube help forum:!topic/youtube/09dw40n0iwY

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