Google Local Guides get more levels and more ways to contribute

What's new?

There are now 10 levels, rather than 5, and levels 4-10 now have special badges.

And there are more ways to earn points:

Certain kinds of contributions that have a higher impact for Google Maps users—like being the first to add a place to the map or leaving a review—earn you more points. In addition, Local Guides now earn points for rating places and checking facts from other community members. All points earned are shown immediately after each contribution, and are visible in the “contribute” tab.

Points will be awarded to contributions you’ve already made, and will be updated with the new changes, so it's possible you will be at a higher level than you are now.

Here are the new points:

Rating: 1 point per rating
Review: 5 points per review
Rating+Review: 6 points per rating and review
Photo: 5 points per photo
Answer: one point per answer
Suggest an edit: 5 points per edit
Add a place: 15 points per place added
Fact Check: 1 point per fact checked

And the perks?

Starting today, in select countries, Local Guides Level 4-10 can redeem a free three-month Google Play Music subscription and 75 percent off rentals in the Google Play Movie store.

There are details and discussion in the +Google Local Guides​ Connect Community:

Announcement on the official Google Blog:
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